O, Sweet Kindler

Companion in travel, in life; Like Faithful to Christian, my wife Grace to sustain, her words; Carry me heavenward, like birds Drinks from pages, good thirst; Waters my desert, green earth Hope set in God, her heart; Painting with love, her art Mourns all my embers, her tears; Joy longs for more joy, not fear Gathering wood, […]

Heal Thyself, Dear Sir (1 Pet. 3:7)

I rested glibly in my tan, reclining throne. Sipping a warm cup of freshly-ground French Roast, I surveyed my kingdom – one of strewn Legos, half-eaten sandwiches, and Batman costume accessories. It was a good kingdom, a quiet kingdom. However, the hushed sound of a shower echoed ominously from the hallway. The children (i.e. villagers) […]