The Immutable Christ

The hands that covered Adam’s shame Were pinned to wood they crafted; The one who hobbled Jacob’s stride Was hailed both imp and Master; The one who dined with Abraham The same reclined with Pharisees; The one who granted planets names The same who walked on Galilee; The one who bolstered Gideon Cried for milk and mother; He who spoke […]

O, Sweet Kindler

Companion in travel, in life; Like Faithful to Christian, my wife Grace to sustain, her words; Carry me heavenward, like birds Drinks from pages, good thirst; Waters my desert, green earth Hope set in God, her heart; Painting with love, her art Mourns all my embers, her tears; Joy longs for more joy, not fear Gathering wood, […]

Hush Not the Roar (Meditations on Romans 1:18-25)

When by God’s grace providence lights upon the mind, sparks from the tender soon inflame the heart, No longer a dull and unvaried stroll, but a chorus, nay a roar, animates every step. The blade of grass once not esteemed becomes an antique snow globe, Peering into its portals for trinkets of eternity, the tiny skater on the pond sings, “Glory!” […]