Who Holds the Blade? (The Sovereignty of God and the Old Threat of Beheading)

An event that took place last year near the shores of Tripoli has become somewhat iconic in the minds of many westerners. The image of 21 Egyptian Christians, all male and clad in orange jumpsuits, kneeling in front of their knife-wielding captors has become immediately recognizable due to social media, newspapers, and television. A simple […]

Penitents Make Good Preachers (Ps. 51)

A bird sings louder and with greater abandon once it is released from its cage. Likewise, a sinner sings God’s praises with greater fervency and unabashed zeal when he feels the crushing weight of sin and a guilty conscience lifted from his weary shoulders. David was no exception. His conscience was awakened by the condemning announcement […]

Hope and Boldness for Soft-Spined Disciples (meditations from 2 Corinthians)

I read someone else’s diary today. No, it wasn’t my daughter’s diary with the heart-shaped lock nor was it the diary of David Brainerd (though that is an excellent resource for budding missionaries). In my private devotion this afternoon, I found my fingers wandering to the pages of Paul’s second letter to the sin-ravaged Corinthian […]

Grace in Autumn

The late October wind lashed the north side of the meager thatched-roof parsonage as the weary preacher struggled to find words with which to offer thanks for his single piece of rye bread and cup of day-old coffee. There he sat, with bony elbows planted firmly on the top of the small cedar table and […]