Who Holds the Blade? (The Sovereignty of God and the Old Threat of Beheading)

An event that took place last year near the shores of Tripoli has become somewhat iconic in the minds of many westerners. The image of 21 Egyptian Christians, all male and clad in orange jumpsuits, kneeling in front of their knife-wielding captors has become immediately recognizable due to social media, newspapers, and television. A simple […]


Moses spoke of that high day When Aaron would draw near; Atonement was the needed act To assuage all penitent fear.   Two goats by lots were set apart, One shedding blood for sin. The other bore the weight of guilt Away from God and men.   Behold the hill before my eyes; I tremble […]

The Trees

I peered through my window and saw the old trees, Gnarled and twisted, our rank enemies. Do they remember Their ancestors’ role In undoing humans and buying their souls? They fed us in Eden with bounty and grins Only to tempt us and unbridle sin; When Master came walking We hid in their shade But […]