Moses spoke of that high day

When Aaron would draw near;

Atonement was the needed act

To assuage all penitent fear.


Two goats by lots were set apart,

One shedding blood for sin.

The other bore the weight of guilt

Away from God and men.


Behold the hill before my eyes;

I tremble and perspire.

Memories of my waywardness

Torment my desire.


I recall his bidding voice,

Twas gentle and sincere.

But now I halt and doubting stand

With gritted teeth and tears.


Like a doe from thicket freed

I sprint the hillside sand.

And there behold what used to be

The glory of a man.


Heaving upward on his heels,

His gnarled visage gasps.

Blood and tissue, bone and organs

God whose robe had lapsed.


Like Aaron in the days of old,

Fearful I approach.

And ask if pardon still is offered,

Panting there in hope.


The bloodied Lamb did bow his head

And bid my faith to come.

Draw near I did with fluttered heart

And roused my fearful tongue.


I placed my hands upon his head

And uttered forth my sin.

My treason and idolatry,

Fell squarely onto him.


What love is this that bids me come

And discharge all my crime,

While spotless robes that Master wore

Are counted now as mine?



Saved by grace. Husband to Tanya. Father to Bella, Gabe, Ben, and Asher. J.A. White lives in Janesville, Wisconsin where he serves as the Senior Pastor of River Hills Community Church. He loves coffee and sometimes he blogs.

3 comments on “Atonement

  1. Oh that I would have just seen a bit of the wretched suffering that Jesus endured for God’s glory and my redemption. Or am I like Thomas the doubter? I wonder if I would love Him more and value all other things less. Another winner Aaron, always in His grip, Deb

    • Thanks so much, Deb. I pray your recovery goes smoothly. I will try to refresh my blog in the next few days for you : )

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