Hush Not the Roar (Meditations on Romans 1:18-25)

When by God’s grace providence lights upon the mind, sparks from the tender soon inflame the heart, No longer a dull and unvaried stroll, but a chorus, nay a roar, animates every step. The blade of grass once not esteemed becomes an antique snow globe, Peering into its portals for trinkets of eternity, the tiny skater on the pond sings, “Glory!” […]

A Call to Wonder

“Don’t let your worship decline to the performance of mere duty. Don’t let the childlike awe and wonder be choked out by unbiblical views of virtue [i.e. worship as merely a Christian duty, not a delight]. Don’t let the scenery and poetry and music of your relationship with God shrivel up and die. You have capacities […]

When Picking On Moses Backfires

In an effort to embrace the Edwardian call to make “every [Christian] home a little church,” I started using Marty Machowski’s The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments a few months ago for family worship and devotionals. By the way, in case you missed the obnoxiously large header on the […]

Heal Thyself, Dear Sir (1 Pet. 3:7)

I rested glibly in my tan, reclining throne. Sipping a warm cup of freshly-ground French Roast, I surveyed my kingdom – one of strewn Legos, half-eaten sandwiches, and Batman costume accessories. It was a good kingdom, a quiet kingdom. However, the hushed sound of a shower echoed ominously from the hallway. The children (i.e. villagers) […]

The Wounds of a Friend

The bandage on my chest was seeping again. “Will this thing ever heal?” I asked myself silently. My heart began racing which only contributed to the wound’s irritation. In an attempt to calm my nerves, I closed my eyes and breathed slowly. With my forehead furrowed and eyes closed, I finally felt my pulse resume […]